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wound. they matched blood at the scene to him and not to his brother. they think he has been wounded. that could be cop speculation. >> neil: andrew, you could the remarkable stuff. >> not a problem. fox alert, back on the street in boston. it's 5:00 in the evening where a more than a billion people are locked behind doors tonight shutting down what one of america's most famous cities. tonight it's ground zero that has been developing. i'm bill hem they are the hunt for suspect number two in the boston marathon bombings. police are searching for dzhokar tsarnaev going street to street looking for any sign of the 19-year-old suspect. we just learned we'll get an update from officials 5:30
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eastern time out of the water town, massachusetts. this all started last night with reports of a fatal shooting and an attempted robbery in the 10:00 hour. a wild police chase ensued with the two suspects lobbing homemade bombs at police. a terrifying fire fight in the middle of the street around 1:30 this morning eastern standard time. [ gun shots ] >> bill: the older brother identified as suspect number one age 26 tamerian tsarnaev was killed in the fight. but dzhokar tsarnaev escaped at that pint. then they locked the area down tight.
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police in watertown, belmont, newton, camden, telling residents to stay in doors. transit system is shut down. buses aren't running, trains aren't running. businesses told to shut their doors for the day and police are going door to door trying to find suspect number two. they say he is armed and dangerous. his father not only does he believe his sons are innocent but they are supposed guilt is part of a larger american plot. >> somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who they did. they framed them and cowardly they shot the boy dead. there are policemen like that. >> bill: all this while president obama meets with national security team to talk about the latest developments in the investigation or the investigation that begin with the worse terror attack we've seen on u.s. soil since september 11th.
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mike tobin leading our coverage. he is live in watertown, massachusetts where we expected a briefing in about 25 minutes. mike, hello, what is new this hour? >> i can tell you, bill, there is really only one backbone activity taking place in watertown. that is that door-to-door search you talked about. you have state troopers. you have national guardsmen, police officers from a number of different municipalities doing a door-to-door search, clearing the property. our observation not that they are searching a grid but searching houses based on judgment, based on information they develop. picking them at random. still the state police colonel, timothy albin thus far they have searched 07% of the houses here in watertown. still, every time that the state police and city police that the governor speaks to the media, they really use us as a
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mechanism to speak to the people that are locked down in their, . people are told to get from the homes. lock the door. don't open the door unless it's a uniformed officer knocking. one thing that the governor can't tell these people in the neighborhoods is when it will end. it will only end if they determine he slipped the perimeter. >> bill: this 19-year-old man said to be a student at university of massachusetts, darted mouth, southern part of the state, that campus has been evacuated. classes were cancelled today. classes cancelled for saturday, as well. is that an indication that they are either taking no chance get away but he may have slipped the noose in watertown? >> i'd speculated there. i think they are operating with
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an abundance of caution. when you haven't located them you have to keep a back-up notion. the idea that he slipped the noose. he is outside of the perimeter. still you have to operated with your best information that someone would have had to running quite a gait from the time the chase happened and the time the conflict happened to the time the police arrived and set up a perimeter. it would have been a feat to splip the perimeter but they have to operate on the idea that quite possibly he did. >> bill: mike, thank you. we're going back to our core dints within the hour. the police briefing is 25 minutes away. they made two statements today, no questions were taken at either one. we'll see whether or not that changes when they begin at the half-hour. to our chief intelligence correspondent, katherine heritage, she is working her
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sources. what is the latest developments this hour on the investigative side. >> reporter: tonight has the manhunt unfolds they are working multiple lines of investigation. fox news understands that all electronic traffic is being scoured including those youtube sites attributed to the suspects which included radicalist propaganda. they are looking to see if the sites are theirs. nothing is being taken for granted in terms of authenticity. a third source that all travel records are being reviewed and the elder brother was out of the u.s. for a period of time when he was in russia. the f.b.i. wants to under under whether they had military training. fox news told us that the bomb maker would have needed practice
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to build viable detonators in both instances. it's either to executed warrants and to review the brothers' computers but it's being approached with extreme caution with potential of booby traps behind. so far there is no evidence to support the view that the brothers were acting on behalf of some kitchen cause but motivations for the actions remains wide open. they will be looking for computer traffic for the al-qaeda web magazine inspire that has an how to guide for pressure cooker bombs. aunt is questioning all the evidence against them. >> bill: i thought we were going to listen to an interview there. you have been talking to sources it's been seven months since benghazi. you describe a chilling effect since that incident.
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>> reporter: that is personal observation. >> bill: what are you hearing? >> it's based on personal observations but one of the things i noted this week is that the intelligence community has been more cautious in its approach and especially the briefings to lawmakers offer citing that the situation remains fluid. there is a sense they want to move slowly and deliberately and not put out premature analysis what relationships may be domestically or overseas given the fallout from the analysis on benghazi which proved to be wrong. >> bill: could be a telling observation through all of this. thank you. long hours back in washington, d.c. it is much appreciated. as the manhunt continues for the suspected, we didn't want to forget the victims that lost
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their lives. only last night the bombing suspects shot and killed a police officer in his vehicle near the campus. he was only 26 years old. of course, the three others that were murdered during the marathon, you had eight-year-old martin richard, 29-year-old crystal campbell, 23-year-old chinese citizen all killed near the finish line. my colleague is with us. jenna, good day to you back there. >> reporter: back to boston momentarily. we expect a press briefing around 5:30 eastern time. president got his own briefing. we just got the release on that the information that he learned from his own national security team. he recently just placed calls to the governor of massachusetts as well as the mayor. there is a live look at
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watertown, massachusetts where we expect that press briefing. joining us is jeff lanza, a retired special agent. he will share his insights on this case. drawing upon your expertise and with all due respect of law enforcement, you see pictures like this of all day, law enforcement on the street, overwhelming amount of force. why is it taking so long to find this one individual? >> i think you have to take it one step at a time. the safety of the law enforcement officers is of it most concern, they are priority in the case. the faster you move the more danger you put yourself in. you take it one place at a time. the officer and s.w.a.t. teams, hostage rescue teams, anybody involved in the operation is basically protected to the hilt. they are not moving very fast. they have to check for bombs and
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adversary himself and lots of nooks and crannies in that location. it will take a little bit of time. >> reporter: we heard about standing perimeter, some say it's about 20 blocks. city of boston and some of the outlying areas. it makes me think back to 24 hours ago at this time yesterday, we were all awaiting the f.b.i. press briefing wondering who we were going to see. we haven't learned anything from the f.b.i. 24 hours. what do you make of the last 24 hours. is this part of the f.b.i. strategy? >> what is going on behind the scenes right now is the physical searching we've been talking about all day. behind the scenes from the f.b.i.'s perspective on the investigative end, they are trying to figure out what was driving these guys. they are not going to be talking about that right now. i don't imagine we'll hear a lot at this press conference because
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they don't want to give any information potentially to this guy who is still at large. what is going on behind the scenes at f.b.i. phone records, social media sites, email traffic as well as travel related records that related to two individuals. they want to see who else was involved. obama, president met with his national security team. his biggest concern there is a bigger involvement from a foreign country and then he has much bigger problems. >> reporter: what does your gut tell you about that? what do you think? >> i don't think there is any involvement from outside sources. i think they became radicalized themselves. i don't think there was any direction from a foreign government. >> reporter: what makes you say that tha? what stands out, drawing upon your expertise and many years of investigating situations like this? what makes you think that? >> everything that was used to
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make that bomb could have been learned on the internet. even the sophistication you could have worked it it on yourself. that is my thought at this particular time. evidence may come forward that is in conflict with that. right now i think these guys have become radicalized and that was the biggest fear since 9/11, you have someone operating under the radar screen that is not going to come under the normal scrutiny. they are being self-radicalized which i believe is the case here. >> reporter: away tonight limit speculation on a developing story. one of the facts that came out of today is there has been a series of press releases by boston authorities about different cars they've been looking at. we have one license plate a few hours ago. then another one, another one and all license plates have been cleared. how confident are you that this man is still in this area?
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>> i'm not a hundred percent confident he is. if he was able to evade the perimeter, escape that noose so to speak, then they got a much bigger problem. he could be out of the area entirely. i don't know. i don't think law enforcement is hundred percent certain that he is in that perimeter right now. >> reporter: thank you so much. jeff lanza, we do see all the activity on the ground. our viewers are seeing it on the screen as we speak. there are still a lot of lingering questions out there this evening. we would love to have more answers. >> bill: you wonder how many questions they will take in 15 minutes when the briefing gets underway. we expect it at 5:30 eastern time. we expected one earlier that was delayed an hour and then two hours. we'll get a gauge when they come out here. bombing suspect suspected to be from a russian region named
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chechnya. here is their uncle speaking about the two men. >> i say, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness from the victims and injured and from those, ask forgiveness from these people. >> bill: urging one at this point. chechnya has been racked by years of war and has predominantly muslim population. steve harrigan has been to the chechnya during two wars and lived with the rebels and with the russian army. you have extensive knowledge what chechen rebels wanted in this world. what did you learn? >> i think one of those chechen
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rebels changed during ten years of warfare. that an important point to make. this was not ordinary war. it was really a brutal war and war without rules. anyone who has walked the battlefield and seen entire villages obliterated or capital city once home to half a million people like rubble, it was like walking on the moon. understand this was a brutal war on both sides. it would be naive to think there is no connection between basically a generation of kitchen minimum being wiped out and this terror attack. on the flip side we have seen a series of terror strikes from the khich ens mainly in the beginning against russia. even against an elementary school, but we've seen a progression from russia and then over the years, kitchen rebels turning up in other locations, in iraq and afghanistan fighting
2:17 pm
against coalition forces and now against u.s. civilians here. a broadening of the targeted, something definitely worrisome we've seen from the chechen attacks. the other thing i sue over there is radicalization. the more bombing, the more fighting, the more kitchen people themselves changed. in the beginning, normal people. they thought russia was invited go and as the houses and villages got destroyed, radical islam moved in. they were offering money and weapons and ideology so you saw a change in the fighters. a real radicalization that led to some of the most brutal terror attacks that history has ever shown. >> bill: your history with this group going back 20 years. since that time the world has changed. would you necessarily say that chechen fighters are aligning themselves with al-qaeda or is that something we can draw at
2:18 pm
this point? >> i think there is connections between the al-qaeda fighters as they got more radical. that is the worrisome thing. keep in mind that the u.s. has criticized russia for harsh treatment of khich ens. now, we have dhech ens attacking inside america. so the target for the chechen rebels has gotten bigger and bigger and not just russia but in this case, united states as well. >> bill: terrific knowledge. steve, thanks again. we are waiting this news conference. we expect it to begin at 5:30 eastern time. that is 12 minutes away on the clock. the governor will be there and mayor will be there, as well. we'll bring that to you in a moment. what is happening on the streets of watertown, massachusetts tonight. we have been told about the gun battle that forced it into
2:19 pm
overdrive in the dead of night. we'll talk to someone who caught it on video right here. >> we heard explosions and gunfire coming down the street. a car that almost stopped at the light but then kept going with police behind it. then it seemed like hundred cop cars coming. ♪ [ male announcer ] purpose elevates what we do. raises it to a more meaningful place. makes us live what we do, love what we do and fills our work with rewarding possibility. aarp connects you to a community of experienced workers and has tools to help you find what you're good at. an ally for real possibilities. aarp. go to
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>>. >> bill: our coverage continues. ten minutes away we expect to see the governor, we expect the mayor and police chief of watertown, massachusetts to tell us what is happening inside that town of 30,000 at this point tonight. stay with us.
2:24 pm
in the meantime, former senator scott brown is with me live. senator, come in for a moment. we've been talking every day throughout the weekend. i appreciate your insights and people you represented in congress. i look across the street here. i see dylan's restaurant and bar is closed. capital griol is closed. the college is not open. fire department hasn't left. this is boyleston street. >> it is. also down there, you also have at evidence recovery teams that are out there in force. you can see the rain and sprinkling. you need to be protected. they need to make tough decisions as to what they are going to do. this is an economic engine for the entire state of massachusetts boston and to have this just like this, cancelled the bruins games but public safety is first and foremost.
2:25 pm
>> bill: the turnpike is just below us and interstate 90 and train is across the way. we haven't seen a train all day and we've been out since 3:00 this morning. that turnpike would be packed on this friday? >> that is true. you couldn't get home on a friday night especially with the red sox playing. right now, safety and security is the most important thing for people in massachusetts. law enforcement personnel have done a lot of work. it's been a seamless transition from federal, state and law enforcement officials. very important to be safe. boxing the permanent trader in, terrorists in hopefully in watertown unless he slipped through. that is why i think everybody to be vigilant and diligent this is obviously very serious. >> bill: whether watertown or cambridge, big communities. backbone of boston. you citi about the city but the
2:26 pm
communities, they have such great history. >> amazing. >> bill: when the police came out earlier today and said, stay home, don't go out. if somebody knocks on your door, don't answer it unless they can show you an i.d. and told business owners not close shops. >> they wanted an economic impact to affect you for many weeks and months and years and change the way we do business. boston is very special place. i'm sure you are going to have the red sox and bruins very proud and boisterous about who he was as a sit and country. i wanted to thank all the people throughout the country for their thoughts and prayers. it's so important to get that feeling. united americans first to show them we're not going to stand for this sort of thing. >> bill: those thoughts and prayers are many and they come
2:27 pm
from every state across the country. how do you think the police has done so far. has the f.b.i. conducted this? >> as a former ranking member of homeland security, knowing they received the tools and resources to do their jobs. they are being implemented in what a flawless seamless manner. they have released just enough information to keep the public and ease. there is a calm with people. they know they have to step back and allow the law enforcement folks do their job. when this is all over we can evaluate whether it's been done right or wrong. i think it's been doing right. we appreciate appreciated the president coming and i wouldn't have expected anything less. >> bill: when my plane landed 5:30, what i heard from the marathon runners how impressed they were with the police department and fire department.
2:28 pm
>> that is true. i have a lot of friends as marathon runners. they feel they have unfinished business. i'm sure they will be back next year. it will be second to none next year, we are not going to affect us. >> bill: are people understanding? >> yes. >> bill: are they patient or where they break, we've had it with this? >> this is real. you are not reading a book. you are actually living it. you see it. you see how it is affecting people. you see the memorials from everybody showing their love and affection for those that have fallen. everyone knows what is going on. they understand. this is no different what has happened in new york and what happened after 9/11. they just want it to be over. they wanted to get on with their lives and we're going to learn from this and be stronger for it. >> bill: thank you very much. >> we're awaiting that news
2:29 pm
conference on the clock, it's two minutes away. we'll see if the time holds. when it does begin you will see it here on the fox channel. we have a suspected terrorist on the run. a man who police say came here, quote, to kill people. there is one question in america tonight -- where is he? '7 >> white male, gray hoodie, black curly hair, should be considered extremely dangerous. >> just came over the radio. the subject is posted on line, he is going to kill everyone because we killed his brother. ♪
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>>. >> bill: a rere minder to viewers, we are waiting for a news conference. we will see the mayor and governor and police chief of watertown, massachusetts to get a better sense what is happening in that community tonight. a community of 30,000 that were told to stay home and don't
2:34 pm
answer their doors. business owners not to open their doors to anyone today. the city of boston, surrounding area said to be in a virtual lockdown. police going door to door in cambridge, watertown, searching for the remaining suspect in the boston bombings. president just begin briefed on the situation. bret baier is getting ready for the special report is now with us at the moment. brett, what are we hearing about the white house and the president. >> bret: he has been kept in the loop all day. had a national security briefing. the situation at the white house earlier today and the administration as well as members of congress getting briefed by the national counterterrorism center and the president, of course, his own national security team. as the manhunt continues right you are the concern as sources on capitol hill and intelligence
2:35 pm
sources is a number of different things. one, they would love to take him alive. this is dzhokar tsarnaev because of the possibility of intelligence if there is anyone else besides the two brother's. if they are getting help in any way shame or form. if they had training or tied to something bigger than just the two men. they are concerned about, he is very armed and dangerous as we saw overnight. he may have explosives. they are also looking at the possibility of where he could go. what he could do. if he got in a car, he is kind -- it's believed the older brother tamerian was a leader of sorts according to intel officials. they believe that to be the case. what happens to the younger brother in a situation like this.
2:36 pm
so number one obviously they are concerned about the people of boston. that is what we hope to hear from those officials out there by you. >> bill: brett, you make a great point. this is the guy you need. you need him alive to get the evidence you need to allow you conclude or allow the investigation to proceed. there is a balancing act here, too. how aggressive are you in pursuing him, and if you overpursue him if he takes his own life, that is the end of this. from an investigative standpoint. you want to take him alive and interrogate and get answers to figure out the motivation and who are the people that he has talked to and whether or not there are other people that you need to be on the lookout for. all this is playing out. they are in offices and cars and out on the streets and trying to figure out what the best way to
2:37 pm
proceed. you just don't know what next step they will make or possibly which next step he makes. >> terry: that is right. he may have been. >> bret:. to hear about the doctors talk about tamerian tsarnaev and number of bullets in his body as well as shrapnel. he may have taken a bullet or two. he may be holed up anywhere. the police and authorities and s.w.a.t. teams are going door to door but this is logistical challenge to try to figure out how to find him. he could be inside, holed up, holding hostages in a number of those places. or he could be just hiding, wounded or frankly he could be dead. >> bill: all great points or fled and went to a different
2:38 pm
part of the state. we await to find out. we'll see you at the top of the hour, 6:00 on special report. we learned earlier two men came to the u.s. about ten years ago. 19-year-old was given asylum in the u.s. in september, 2002. in september of 2012 he was granted citizenship and the date on the calendar where the citizenship was achieved, september 11th, 2012. jenna back to you. >> police are taking out one of suspects in a firefight. folks waking up to sounds of a war zone. [ gun shots ] [ gun shots ]
2:39 pm
>> reporter: one of the suspects was killed during this fire fight. his brother who is still at large reportedly ran over his injured brother, then plowed straight through a line of police officers before escaping into the night. that is what we're hearing on the phone. the woman who took that video. millions around the country have seen your video today. tell us about it. what was going through your mind. what were you seeing? >> i was just seeing complete chaos. watertown is a small town, nice neighborhood and nothing has ever happened remotely like this before. i was watching tv and watching the news about the mitt shooting and i heard a car speed by really fast. soon after i heard three pops.
2:40 pm
it sounded like fireworks almost. then the pops just continued and there was an explosion and immediately knew it was bomb and gunshots and it was terrifying. >> reporter: for many of us, witnessing and not thinking to pick up the phone with the camera? >> it took me a couple of minutes. the whole ordeal lasted about 30 around 1:00 p.m. i should get the phone video for someone to see what is going. on i try to do it as fast as i could. >> reporter: how close were you as a point of reference? >> i was about maybe five houses away. the shooting was going down further down the street. bullets weren't coming down my
2:41 pm
street that i know of. there was a few explosions. i did see one orange flare up from the bombs and the dogs you could hear. there were canine units they brought in and car alarms going on off from the bombs and so many gunshots. i couldn't believe how many gunshots i was hearing for, what i thought was maybe like one guy or two guys. >> reporter: incredibly scary? >> i was shaking like a leaf. you couldn't notice in the video but i was terrified, i wanted to go and hide. i took the video and my phone rang so the video stops. soon after the bullets stopped, a lot more police showed up and an ambulance showed up.
2:42 pm
about five or ten minutes after the ambulance showed up, someone was actually getting carried out on a gurney wrapped in a white sheet from head to toe. like they were clearly deceased. i didn't know if it was an officer or who was dead. >> reporter: how are you doing today? have the police come down to tell you what was going on? >> no one has come to my house yet. no police or s.w.a.t. team check or anything today. there was a huge police presence down my street. lots of police hanging out everywhere. there was one point earlier in the day i was watching the news and they cut the news off. i could see like tons and tons of cars just swarming down the street. all the police running down the street. >> reporter: we know there is scary moments. we appreciate the video that you shared with all of us to
2:43 pm
document what happened. we'll be talking to you soon. you take care in watertown, massachusetts. bill, one of the things that hasn't gotten a lot of coverage, during the night 15 police officers were injured, some of them yet to be released from the hospital. we're told by the local hospital that their injuries are minor. i'm looking at a release from the boston police department that is asking for prayers for the different police officers that are currently on the job now. we certainly see the risk to all of them. >> bill: certainly do. the boston police department, quote, help us find him. this is the alerted they sent out. community members, you can call an 800 number or send an email. get a break here. we expect this news conference to get underway in any moment. its great source of information or at least get an idea as to where the investigation is now
2:44 pm
and what is happening in cambridge and what is happening in watertown. we'll bring that to you as we get here. what is this chechnyan connection and why it is so important piece of the puzzle here in boston.
2:45 pm
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>>. >> bill: word from watertown, the press conference has been delayed until about 6:00, really not a huge surprise. we had one earlier today that was delayed by two hours. so we suspect it at 6:00 and bret baier will have it during special reports. we are learning the two brothers are from a russian region called chechnya. on behalf of all the american people, peter brookes c.i.a. officer has written a book and many articles on chechen terrorism. i don't know how you make a
2:49 pm
connection or understand a connection with the two men. when are we to understand to take away that conflict half a world away and what we watched behind us monday? >> we don't know what was behind the attacks. what was their purpose of it. there is potential connection back to chechnya. there are islamist militants that have been involved in terrible attacks there, attacks on schools, sub ways and theaters in moscow and the concern is -- these groups are associated with al-qaeda. i want to know is there an international connection. were they cad calized abroad? how did they learn to make these bombs? did they learn it from internet or trained by somebody? my real concern we're in a new territory. this is new page in the war on terror. it could be the new normal. we have to be very concerned about it.
2:50 pm
>> bill: peter, what do you mean a new page. i've got ten seconds, define that? >> this is the first time we had a bomb exploded in the united states. we done the mow what motivated them to do this, but to me, we're talking about new territory uncharted territory for american security. >> bill: okay. peter, thank you. peter brookes, we are wait putting for that press conference. our coverage continues right after this. live in downtown boston as our coverage continues. xçhçhçxj2e0e- on your prepaid card?
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>>. >> bill: we are seven minutes away from a statement. it was pushed back about 30 minutes. last time, no questions were taken. i was here five hours ago. headlines is no apresent hence, they were working on several new leads in watertown specifically. they are trying to track those down at the moment. they are asking the public and reporters to give them more time. 70% of water town is covered. it remains 30-40% to be looked into in that specific community alone. here is coming up 6:00 on a friday night, in this town you
2:55 pm
would be getting ready for the boston bruins game or red sox games. both have been cancelled. the city went down in a lock down suns sunrise. boston is town of 700,000 americans. these other communities, like watertown, knew tone, cambridge, there are tens of thousands that live in the communities. they've been told to sit tight throughout the day. this is day they have never lived through before. the sun goes down in 90 minutes and maybe this wanted terrorist will make a move. many believe the sun went down and their faces were all over internet and tv networks and newspapers out in the state that is when they decided to make move. perhaps that is true when the sky grows dark in massachusetts he decides to yet a move again, if he is still alive. five minutes alive live in
2:56 pm
watertown when we continue. ♪ ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fueling the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there it only matters that it shows up and makes things better. in that spirit, verizon is proud to announce the powerful answers award. 10 million dollars in prizes for the best ideas. ideas so big, they have the power to change everything. whether it's our inspiration, or yours, the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. the powerful answers award from verizon.
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on 4/19/2013